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Data Connection issues
I would really like to give this rom a good whirl but I'm having data connections issues. No 3-4G whatsoever. I'm trying the experimental 4.3 for Sprint Galaxy Nexus toroplus that was on the XDA site (and the thread was discontinued. I'm really new at this. I did a wipe data/factory reset, wiped dalvik cache, flashed the rom, flashed 4.3 Gapps. I later flashed Crossbreeder. I did notice that in the preferred network modes area there wasn't a selection for just CDMA/LTE. Anyone else have data connection issues? I reflashed my radio and that didn't have an impact.
I have the same issue. ANY 4.3 ROM deletes my /efs folder and all radio settings. Flashing to a Touchwiz ROM fixes the issue every time.

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