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PAC 4.3 Basketbuild
Pa+Aokp+Cm = PACman rom

CyanogenMod, AOKP, and Parnoid Android all have great features. Can't decide which one to choose? Now you don't have to. PAC-Man is a hybrid ROM that contains all of the features of all three. All the stability of CM10.1, with the customizability of AOKP, and the tablet mode options of PA, PAC-Man really is the one ROM that has it all.

  • PhoneUI, PhabletUI, TabletUI
  • Most Features from AOKP
  • All Features from CM
  • All Features from PA
  • Of course JellyBean 4.3[/list:u]

    This thread is only to tell the current version and associated gapps.

    This will contain download link, gapps download link and working & not working list.

    • HW Acceleration
    • Sound
    • Sensors
    • Auto Brightness (new als Smile)
    • Display
    • Touch
    • Project Butter
    • Tablet/Hybrid UI
    • WiFi
    • GPS
    • Themes (for AOKP, CM, BAMF)
    • AOKP Settings
    • Ril (Call, SMS, Microphone)
    • Data
    • Native USB OTG
    • Youtube LQ/HQ
    • Focal camera
    • ParanoidSettings
    • In-Browser-Video Player Big Grin
    • PIE Control and its Settings
    • PA Color Control and Layout Changer[/list:u]

      Not working

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