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Trebuchet Folders
Hi - this bug has been reported at XDA but I thought I'd report officially here.
I'm running 23/08 Nightly for galaxysmtd.

If I create folders on the homescreen they appear to work fine, I can drop apps onto them, name them, move them around - everything good. BUT if I reboot or if I use some apps/browse settings menus etc then when I come back to the homescreen the folders are gone and what is in their place is USUALLY just the first icon I put there (no folder) or SOMETIMES there's maybe just two of the apps still in the folder. When there's still a folder but it has less icons than there should be, sometimes these icons actually change and will be for two of the other apps that were originally in the folder. It's frustrating as hell when it happens. I've switched to Nova Launcher now and that's working fine.

This bug has been present in all the 4.3 nightlies

Thanks Guys

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