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Problems with the recent 4.3 nightly for Toro

Just wanted to say I love this rom already but I have run into a few issues with it:

1st) There are two camera and gallery apps appearing in the App Drawer
2nd) After rebooting my phone or installing an app, I notice that some of my folders disappear and some icons within certain folders disappear as well.

I just wanted to report this to see if there was a fix or to make it known that this was an issue.

Thanks in advance
I've had a few issues with 8/23 build.

Notification background cannot be changed, transparency not working as well.
Keyboard randomly disappears while typing.
Randomly getting force closes.
Dial pad and call log do not go black with PAC in black toggle.
Changing toggles to 5 per row cuts out the text that is displayed with the toggles.
Some apps not displaying correctly, for instance alarm clock plus on the play store.
MMS is not sending, SMS seems to be OK.

Did the 8/24 build fail or still uploading?? I'm only seeing the logs for it and that's it.
One more thing, is it possible for this forum to add support for tapatalk?????

Edit: nevermind I found it through tapatalk.
OK so what's the deal with the thread being dropped on xda because of probam???? Confused.

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No I'm adding support threads here.

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Are nightlys for toro just gone now?? Looking at build progress I don't even see toro listed anymore.

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9/19, 9/21, and 9/23 clean install all three times. Screen touch sounds do not work. All other sounds work fine after a reboot except screen touch sound. I even tried replacing the sound with another one and it still did not work. This is confirmed not working by another person over on xda as well.

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