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bluetooth gps / mock location / note II
Hi, thanks for the great work so far. I'm using the latest 0820 nightly on 2 of my divices Note II and Nexus 4.

today i came across a little problem with the note II while the same on the nexus 4 works flawlessly.
maybe i also mention that the following problem did never occure on my note II before and that
mock location is working on both devices when using a fake location app.

further on both devices media ( music, radardroid and navigon navigation work flawlessly over bluetooth.

i thought to provide you with that info first, so that you can narrow things down a bit.

Now to the problem itself :

i'm using a bluetooth gps device in my car since the car has heatprotective matallic window coating which reduces
all kinds of signals to enter the car, not only gps but mobile reception without antenna is worse than normal
the same applies to the range of remotes for garage doors and other doors. so much to the reason as why to use
an external gps receiver for my navi.

now it happens that the application bluetooth gps which i'm using to connect to that hardware ( bluetooth gps device )
fails to connect, albeit it's successfully paired. so the failure to connect does not apply to connect via bluetooth but
to run the mock location.

as mentioned above the exact same procedure on my identically ( 99% ) configured nexus 4 works fine and it always worked
before on my note II as well.

this points to a software problem because all hardware us running flawlessly with other configurations and other hardware
and as well the apps involved ( bluetooth gps app ) is running on the nexus and has always been running on the note II.

i thought to bring this up for two main reasons:

a) i really need navi on my note II, that's one of the reasons why i need the big screen, so if it works
on nexus 4 that is not really perfect and i would need glasses to handle the navi on nexus 4 :-)
not mentioning that every second to look down on the navi screen counts ( increases danger )

b) not too many people are probably using such a configuration, even less so exactly this configuration, note II + bluetooth gps device + bluetooth gps app.
this simply because most cars do not have such a coating ( less is often more haha.... )

now i'm sure you are all busy with more important tasks but should you ever find time to analize and solve that little problem which is big one for me
unfortunately, i would very much appreciate it.

very best regards


Just flashed latest nightly 0821 and the problem has gone away, whatever it was :-) good work however !
N7000, 4.1.2 Stock
I9100, PAC 4.3.1, PAC Kernel
N7100, OMNI 4.4.2, Devils, Xposed
Nexus 4, Cataclysm 4.4.2, Franco r201, Dalvik+Bionic, Xposed
Nexus 5, Cataclysm 4.4.2, ElementalX, Cooler Colors, Dalvik+Bionic, Xposed FW

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