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lockscreen statusbar and pie colors
hi again,

another little question for something i did not find a solution yet :-)

albeit the hyprid settings work perfectly and i was able to set up the
phone perfectly after my gusto, i found that the statusbar symbol colors
as well as the pie colors in lockscreen are not altered.

right now i do not see a reason for pie to appear in locksreen anyways but
that might be different for others.

however that is, i would like to have the colors for the locksreen set up
the same way like on homescreens and in app drawer.

question, is that possible ( hope so ) and if yes, which app is the one which i
have to setup in hypried settings to achieve that goal.

thanks for anyone coming up with a solution and/or help

best regards
N7000, 4.1.2 Stock
I9100, PAC 4.3.1, PAC Kernel
N7100, OMNI 4.4.2, Devils, Xposed
Nexus 4, Cataclysm 4.4.2, Franco r201, Dalvik+Bionic, Xposed
Nexus 5, Cataclysm 4.4.2, ElementalX, Cooler Colors, Dalvik+Bionic, Xposed FW

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