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Help Customizing / Building From Source
Two things I don't know how to do and was looking for help on :
- How do I make my build include the AOSP Keyboard?
- How can I modify the build.prop file before the package is created? I wanted to change the lteOnDeviceCdma to Gsm and the default preferred network. Currently I have to edit the file manually once I install the zip.

For the build.prop mods, that should be in your device' files, you can also added in the pac_(device).mk file, just add=

ro.lteOnGsm.. \
next prop... \
next prop

And so on. The keyboard idk back it up with tibu and restore it after flash.
Thanks that worked. I resynced the repo and the keyboard was fixed.

Edit: updated again today and it went back to the Google Keyboard :/ I dunno
I figured out what the problem with the keyboard was. PA-Gapps replaces the AOSP keyboard with the Google keyboard. Everything works fine now.

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