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Latest Update To 4.3 ( pac_mako-nightly-20130816 )
Hi !
Where can i find a colorfix for use with franco kernel ?
po0ty wilson Wrote:
cezarvrabie Wrote:Hello!
I have PAC MAN ROM from 30.09.2013 for my nexus 4. While I'm in a call, my display turns off, but the digitizer still works. Can you fix it in a later update? Thanks.

There may just be an air bubble over your light sensor that makes the phone think it is next to your ear when it is really just an air bubble. That seemed to be my issue.

Nope. Same happens to me on Mako; did not happen on CM (used for a year.)

Also, on 20131014 build, Dialer force-close on startup. Did not happen with 1013 build.
I've just started using PACman on my n4 (loved it on my Desire HD and sensation)
I've read a bit about PA's Halfbreed kernel and considering PAC is part PA, should I be able to run the PA kernel? I've tried a JSS and JWR version but both gave a weird blue screen after the Google splash.

And for some reason the gesture for brightness on the status bar doesn't work?


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