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InkSlinger420 Wrote:
Nick0703 Wrote:
InkSlinger420 Wrote:No no... Galaxy Exhilarate (sgh-i577)
and we have pushed our vendor/pac to gerrit though..

It got merged to github. What's your google+ name? I'll add you to the PAC Maintainers talk.

Sent from my SGH-I337M using Tapatalk 4

Ken Greenwood is my google+...If you would add me that would be great..thanks bro...

I see like 3 Ken Greenwood?

Sent from my SGH-I337M using Tapatalk 4
I see like 3 Ken Greenwood?

Sent from my SGH-I337M using Tapatalk 4[/quote]

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sent from a pellet-eating N7 flying the 4.4 flag...
Yo just got here as well (maintainer for the v500)..Wink
Hello .... PAC is awesome and it'll be waiting for an official port for the SIII mini.

good job developing this ROM

Sorry for my bad English Smile

Enviado desde mi GT-I8190L

Enviado desde mi GT-I9100 mediante Tapatalk
hello all, i've been using pacrom for a couple mnonths on my skyrocket and LOVE it!! although, there are some features that don't work(keep force closing) saying blame the split question is did i do something wrong installing it? i followed the directions to a tee as i always do with any rom but it is a little aggravating so what i need to know is if there are just some features that don't work correctly on the skyrocket or is it just some bugs that need to be worked out that maybe i need to be reporting? also, on the pac wiki it says to download an app off the playstore called pacman so i'm going to try that and see if it helps. in the meantime if anyone has any ideas or procedures i haven't done correctly please let me know!! thanks in advance, melowed Blush
Have had my Verizon Samsung Note 2 for almost 2 years. I have been using Aliance 23 for a little bit but does not seem to be being supported anymore.
Have tried DN3 but seems to have some lock up issues at moment.. I thouth I would try out PacRom for a bit and see how it is working. I can say since this mornings install no lock ups lol... 
Hope to have some fun with this Rom....
Thanks pmjj
How do you update prl on lg g3?

Sorry if this is not located in the proper location.
i'm Luciano ( llbranco on xda and a lot of other forums/games/socials/etc ), 28yo, brazilian, single

I have too devices:
Samsung Galaxy S3 mini 2 value edition (gt-i8200) - with only Philz Touch Recover
Sony Xperia P (L22i) - with CWM and CM11

but i want to start porting Pac to Both of my devices
( i just don't know how to start, but i'll try )

thanks Pac-ROM team
Anyone have any idea how this would work on a Lenovo K3 Note?

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