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Auto Boot on Charge
Does anyone have any ideal how to make the 4.4.4 PACMAN ROM auto boot when a USB charge is detected?

I have several WiFi based SM-T530NU tablet that I've loaded the 4.4.4 PACMAN ROM, KK RC-3 dev, on.
I used the PAC MAN rom as it was the easiest way to strip the tablet down and load Clock Web App I created.

However after a while of leaving these android clocks plugged in all the time is the batteries began to swell and fail.
I worked with a friend of mine and we removed the batteries and have hotwire the USB port so they no longer needed batteries.
All the Android clocks receive their power directly through the USB connection.

Here is the problem, if power is lost the tablets stay offline until someone presses the power button to turn them on.
I've read through a number of things that say change a certain file to a bash script to reboot but nothing seems to apply.

While I still think it's possible, I do think that the PACMAN rom is just different enough not to apply to most auto boot on charge guides.

Photo Of the Clock...

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