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Life state of pacrom and issues with galaxy s4

I'm using PAC-ROM 5.1.1 (LP-MR1 Beta-3 Nightly) patch level of 1st October 2015 (see About panel).

Is the PAC-ROM still alive for the galaxy s4?

The last file I found for this phone is pac_jfltexx-lp-mr1-Official-20151015

This rom has the perfect features for me.

It's too bad because there are only a few bugs like phone warming, Bluetooth connexion failure, camera instability no GPS signal and no HDR feature available within camera app.

The other 90% are just perfect Big Grin

Except for HDR and GPS, I need to reboot the phone almost three time a week to fix one of those problem.

Is there any newer versions that could fix those problems?

I've also found bugs with profile switching feature that is amazing. The problem is that some settings require I apply at least two times the profile I want to select.

For example my home profile need 2G/3G/LTE and my General profile use 3G only. When I switch from one to another, the setting is not effective. I need to apply a second time and the setting is changed.

Thank you for your answers!

S4 is still supported, we're working on the Marshmallow version for it atm. I'll post an updated build (5.1) this weekend.
Hi Nick,

I have a jfltexx, and when I brows the download repository, I only find 2015 version...

Where is the Marshmallow version's repository you're talking about?


I can't release a build for any device ATM due to my laptop is currently out of service.

EDIT: I was able to get a build from our build bot,

Sent from my Robin using Tapatalk
Hoooo! Nice! Thank you very much!

I'll try this!



I've installed and tested a bit, and I got recurrently the message "Partage bluetooth s'est arrêté" that pops up every 30 seconds.

Do I need to reinstall all? Or can I fix it with a trick? If I remember it did that already during the initial configuraiton of the phone, while choosing the language.

I've wipe everything with twrp and even had to reinstall superSU bin in order to have root access.

And about marshmallow, have you already released nightlies build for galaxy S4?

Thank you


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