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Reboot or switch off on sleep mode
1st i would like to thank the team for the great job creating this amazing ROM.
Now my problem is that my phone reboots or switch off on sleep mode.
This only appends in battery powered. So in charge mode, it works great.
Tried many different settings, including removing miniSDcard but nothing.
Reinstalled ROM and RUU but all the same.
I installed i logcat app so i can see the why, but what do i know Wink

HTC Evo 3d GSM
Hboot 1.49007
Unlocked s-off

PS theres a few bugs i found but well get to that later.

Hope you can help with this issue
I'll look in to this today. May be a kernel issue.

Pacman for the 3vo CDMA
thanks for that.
i also tried cyenogenmod and i have the same problem.
almost like when i put it to sleep, the battery also goes to sleep.

Temp solution. i leave the media player playing songs in background with no sound.
no reboots so far, but battery goes faster Wink

(Stock rom works fine)

Htc evo 3d gsm
i fix the problem by updating the radio to 11.77.3504_00U_11.25.3504.06_m

if anyone cant get past the loading screen with this radio, send me a pm and ill post my solution.
same here :

halo does not start in homescreen (not on on the right top either)
cant reinstal from playstore..
can pin apps on the halo app and push play (nothing happens)

and spontanious reboot.

evo 3d gsm
11.77.3504.00U11.25.3504.06_M (not anny bootproblems so type solution kativiti :-) )
hboot 1.49.0007

pacman 203046 build.1.rc

factory reset and dalvik+cache clear doesnt help

anny idea's

greetz edensan

oops noob me didnt switch the halo on under setting pacman halo...

:-$ :-$
Hi all,

mabe this:

is a solution for us?


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