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How to use Volume Step customization

I'm experimenting usability problems with Android 5.x

When I'm calling someone, the volume of the phone at the minimal step is too loud.

It's possible to hear what the person say at 1 meter.

I mean with the speaker that you put against your ear, not the loud speaker of course  Wink

It seems to me that with previous versions, there were not that problem, it's since I've upgraded to Android 5.x (With CM 11, CM 13 and Pac-Rom)

I've been looking for a workaround to reduce the sound level by reducing the step size.

I saw the feature list of PAC-ROM : "Volume Stap Customization" on the Galaxy S4 Thrad page:


But I can't find the menu where to set this. Could you help me to find it?

Thank you very much for help



Nobody knows?

If I remember correctly, Volume Steps would be in Settings -> Sounds -> Other Sounds.

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Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin

Thank you very very much!!! I didn't get it was a menu entry... Saw it 100 times seeing it as a menu title!

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