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Noob Questions
So I am new to this whole custom rom on phones.... I tried out CM i liked it but i wanted other things and I seen PAC ROMS when I googled Roms for LS970.... I am a gamer so of course I clicked on this one and then I liked the whole you don't have to choose cuz we take the best out of other roms and mash i into this one thing. So I went to the downloads page and i got pac_ls970-lp-Nightly-20150513 figuring it was the newest with the date of 05/13/2015....

What i am confused about is the choice of DEV, KK, Nightly.... I don't know what DEV is? the one I downloaded the camera didn't work so I tried many different apps and none worked so i had to uninstall it which made me kinda sad cuz i seriously loved the rom.... is there any way to fix that issue?

Thank you

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