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[Fixed] Low volume on video recording
I was tired of the low volume on video recording ... so I fixed it.

Attached is mixer_paths_mod.xml. I've turned up the volume on the audio levels on video recording. To install:

  1. Copy the XML file to /etc (requires root)
  2. Change permissions to match "mixer_paths.xml"
  3. Change ownership to match "mixer_paths.xml" (root/root)
  4. Rename "mixer_paths.xml" to something like "mixer_paths-orig.xml"
  5. Rename this file to "mixer_paths.xml".
  6. Reboot into recovery, clear Dalvik cache and cache.
  7. Reboot to system


I found an XDA thread about this, but knowing that these files are VERY device specific, I did a diff between mine and theirs. Glad I didn't blindly install it. I made the relevant changes to our device's file and produced this.

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