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Bluetooth Audio Stuttering
Hello Friends,

I have an SGH-T999 and I am trying to listen to Pandora through my new LG-HBS750 Tone Pro headset.  The instant the headset picks up the audio it becomes very choppy and stutters so badly, you can't even figure out what song is playing.  a 30 second phone call seemed to have no issues.  The headset works flawlessly with Pandora on my iPhone 6.

I've wiped the cache and rebooted.  I flashed and it's actually worse.  I wiped dalvik and cache again before flashing the ROM.

I've never had desirable results using bluetooth headsets on android, so my confidence is resolving this is low, but I wanted to at least bring it up.

[Image: dTXAKog.png]

What can I do to help with this?  Thank you.

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