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Adding xposed framework to the builds?
Hi! Happy user of the roms, thanks to the devs for putting this together.

I was wondering if it would be interesting to include the xposed framework (xda thread, [url=]github[/]) to the builds?

I believe this is now becoming a fairly popular add-on to Android roms. I am also making this suggestion because installing this into a pre-built rom (I'm currently using the 07-20 nightly for i9300) crashes the system, so I am at the moment unable to use this.

I had a quick look at the xposed code, and it only needs to add a couple of hooks into app_process, as well as a .jar file to act as the bridge.

However, because the installer seems to actually just replace app_process, it might make more sense if these hooks were added to the original rom so users don't need to replace system binaries and risking instability.

Any thoughts?
We'll have to look at it after the 4.3 merge and SELinux trouble that some devices are experiencing. All focus goes to those things at the moment. But I'm sure we can integrate it in time.

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I too would like to see Xposed added to PAC 4.4.2, I think a lot of people have grown accustomed to using it in whatever rom they're running at this point lol :p
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