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Bugs with ghost
I've had a couple bugs that I'd like to bring up to the maintainer if he/she reads.

Background: Device is ghost. Completely wiped the phone to install the ROM. The initial ROM was currently freshly installed was the 10/27 build. The bug was present in this build, and the 10/30 build was installed with the usual cache wipe to no avail.

Firstly, the speakerphone function does not work when making calls. With it off, you can talk normally and the other party hears you. Turn the speakerphone on and it's like a complete mute.

I looked on gerrit to find there was some attention brought to this bug: But it is not fixed or reversed.

Secondly, with the last two nightlies at least, I find myself having to toggle in and out of airplane mode occasionally when restarting the phone or toggling LTE. Are there any commits that could have possibly brought that on?

Thanks for your time!

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