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Non-Responsive Dockbar in Landscape (i777)
So I'm relatively new to PAC-man ROM but I couldn't really resist playing around with something that pretty much embodies everything that my own projects stand for Wink

Flashed the binary port for the i777 (ported from the i9100) and I noticed the dockbar is entirely non-responsive in landscape mode; the screen recognizes the touch as proven by touching the dockbar when the backlight is faded, the device instantly brightens as it should just does not register the touch on the dock (again, this is ONLY in landscape mode, portrait works exactly as it should).

I was hoping this had something to do with the binary port so having the hdd space and being inquisitive as I am I synced the PAC-man tree and more or less copied the i9100 vendor config over to an i777 equivalent; works like a charm, apart from the one issue; freaking dockbar is still non-responsive in landscape...

Now I know this isn't a common issue across all devices but I'm wondering if there's any commonality between the other SGS2 devices (i9100, Hercules, etc), and whether there is a commonality or not; what can be done about it?

(device specifics have never really been my thing, give me some recovery source or something and I'll be happy lol)

Anyway, thank you all for any thoughts.
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