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PAC for LG Bello (D331)

I bought this phone several months ago, and I haven't seen ANY ROMs whatsoever on the internet. Now, I have previously used PAC on my SII and it seriously rocked. I am between a rock and a hard place because this phone has had no development at all.

Are ROMs only meant for flagship phones? Because I had a XPERIA U in the past and even THAT phone had ROMS (Not PAC, but still).

Changing phones seems like the best route in my case...

I am downloading everything required to build PAC for this phone, but the damn phone does not even have CWM or TWRP available. I would rather give you guys a contribution than to change my phone, but it is up to the dev team to let me know whether I'm effed or not. In case I have to switch phones, well... I guess I'll pick up ANY Samsung device because those get all the love. I don't find this LG phone that bad, as its Quad-core processor might be really something under a custom ROM.

Stock audio sounds so terrible that if you did not root your phone only to get Viper working, I feel for you.  

Please let me know what I can do, and in the case I have to do it by my own, please point me at least in the right direction.

In case I have to switch my phone, I'll have to bide for at least a quarter to save enough money for it.


LG L Bello (LG-D331)
OS: Lollipop 5.0.2
Bootloader untouched
Custom recovery not installed (Nonexistent or dangerous to try)

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