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Hi, I'm in my mid 30's from Germany.

I'll be your i9305 and m7ul waiter for the evening. xD
OnePlus One bacon
HTC One m7
Samsung S3 LTE i9305
- ROM: PAC-man 4.4.4 RC-1

[Image: maintainer.png]
Wow... Noone else has said hi?

Just figured I'd pop in and let y'all know a bit about me as I'll probably be around a bit more.

I'm a self taught computer technician; I like to joke that I've been breaking computers since I was 11 (am 27 now).

At some point I started teaching myself C/C++ and became involved in Project Open Cannibal; our primary focus at this time is Cannibal Open Touch Recovery. To that end I try to be a decent resource for things recovery related so feel free to shoot me something if you need assistance w/ recovery woes.

If you're looking for any of my code or trying to find me on IRC, you'll want IngCr3at1on as that is what all my code is committed under (longer story than it's worth here Wink ).

I see I am blind, this probably belongs in "Welcome" rather than "Intro" lol (I'm not going to delete and re-post it though (unless someone actually cares Tongue ))
Always remember; androids eat penguin brains.

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