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Version of PAC-ROM and Slim Pie
Hello!  I'm a noobie in this so forgive me. And I've searched these forums and Google for answers to my questions with no luck.

1. While I'm really enjoying this ROM, I cannot find the SlimPie feature, indicated in the screenshot from the front page of this website. In fact I am unable to find the majority of features indicated in these screenshots.

2. I am not sure which version to download. I used [] (20150812 I'm assuming means the date, 8/12/2015), but I wasn't sure if this version is so new that it doesn't include Pie, or if Pie is just not a feature for the OnePlus. Should I download a different version, like []?

3. Also, what is the difference between [] and []? I looked up "md5sum" to be some sort of signature checking system, but do not fully understand it or the difference between these two files.

Any help and answers would be greatly appreciated, and again thank you for creating this awesome ROM!
1. Those screenshots were for 4.4. We haven't updated it for 5.1 yet. Also 5.1 doesn't have SlimPie atm. We're gonna add it soon.

2. Official = compiled by the Devs. Nightly = compiled by our automated bots every night.

3. The zip file is the one you flash and the md5sum file, you'll use it to check if the zip is actually good or not.
Thank you very much for the reply and explanations; makes so much more sense now! Keep up the awesome work, looking forward to the 5.1 version!

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