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Back button stops working & keyboard randomly disappears

Moto G 2014 LTE

Back button stops working & keyboard disappears. Seems to happen at random, comes back again after a reboot.
  • PAC version: LP-MR1 Beta-2 Official
    Phone: Samsung Galaxy SIII (SPH-L710)

I am also getting this problem with the latest lolipop pac-rom for my phone.
The back button stops working simultaneously with the keyboard not showing up at all.
They both appear to be related to the same problem.
A soft reboot temporarily fixes the problem but this problem occurs way too often to simply reboot and be content.
I have seen this problem report to a lot of different forums about pac rom already so I feel that this problem is definitely not unique to a very few.

As soon as I figure out how to submit a logcat I will but for now I have no idea how.
I'm getting the same thing with the latest build for the OnePlus One, and the 12th of October build.
In addition to the back button now working, and the keyboard not showing, holding down the menu button does nothing, and holding down on apps on the homepage does nothing.

It's very frustrating how pac-rom haven't said anything about this issue in 2 months.
[Image: xyIDtDD.png]
A clean install fixed it for me

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