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v23 for Google Nexus 4 (Mako)
Is there an ETA for a stable build of PAC v23 on the Nexus 4? Using v22 atm, which is based off of CM10.1RC5... but I assume that with the "stable" release of CM10.1, that PAC will be update soon.

Also, what is HALO all about? I found a post over on XDA showing it (in part), and saying it was part of V23... the cavet is that it us supposedly for some samsung handset despite the promo image showing the Nexus 4.
Its better if you ask that to your maintainer i n xda thru PM

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Well, vertigo is maintaining PAC for Mako and Jfltexx I suppose. So, Contact him Smile
I gotta be honest I've been running v 23.0.0 for about 2 weeks now and I find it hard to believe this is NOT a stable version because it is so smooth with no bugs that I have found. If I am incorrect though what is the most recent, STABLE Pac-Man rom for the Nexus 4? Just wondering

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