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How to update PRL and Data Profiles?
Dear Pac-Dudes and Pac-Dudettes,

So I've got release pac_jfltespr-lp-Nightly-20150420 running on a Freedompop Branded SPH-L720 that I bought off of Woot.

So far the rom runs flawlessly, haven't discovered any hickups yet.

My only issue is that I have no network data access which it turns out is a big problem for me because freedompop uses data only for Voice and SMS (VOIP and some proprietary data only system for sms).

I've enabled LTE in Prefered Network type settings pane, reboot and that does nothing.

I've started a post on freedompops asking for a solution:

Short story: They say I need to backup custom rom => reflash a stock rom onto it => use some programming # in native phone app to Update my PRL's and Data Profiles => restore custom rom(Would I wipe data/cache/dalvik before?) => Profit!

Other short story: For the life of me I can find a stock rom that will not MD5 checksum fail when flashing in ODIN.

Questions:  Have you guys heard of this issue?  Is there a way to update my PRL and data profiles without flashing stock ROM? Is the process the freedompop guys gave correct to the T?

Please Halp,

Adrian Fauvet-DuBost

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