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Camera no more working after restore

I was using pac_serranoltexx-lp-Nightly-20150401 till yesterday.

Everything worked fine so far, then I made an Nandroid Backup via CWM and
then tried another Rom.

Later I tried to return to PacRom: Full Wipe, Installed Rom, then restored the Nandroid Backup.
Everything still working BUT the Camera!

When trying to use the camera, a blank screen opens, then force closes saying
"Camera stopped" (Kamera angehalten).

I tried to install other camera apps, 3 in total, all not working as well!
"Cannot connect to Kamera" (Keine Verbindung zur Kamera).

What i further tried:
Flashing the pac_serranoltexx-lp-Nightly-20150403 over the installed version - no change.
Installing a stock first, then the pac rom, then the restore - no change.
Tried the CMfix (Camerafix) from the store - no change.
Tried to change some permissions ... no change.
Tried to Clean the Cache and davlik cache - no change.
Tried to clean the Camera Apps datas + reset - no change.

Only thing that helps is a Factory reset, then without reflashing the rom
everything works fine!  Logically then all user settings and Apps are gone then!

I created a logcat but cant figure out the problem myself.
Hope you can help me! (I removed many lines with FFMPEG cause
I think they are not interesting)

Im on an Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini.

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