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How do I flash the new lollipop nightly?
I am wondering how I am suppose to flash the latest lollipop nightly. I have already downloaded the latest nightly and the lollipop Gapps and placed them in the right spots on my Nexus 5. I read that a clean install is required to install the new lollipop ROMs onto my device. My question is, what does it exactly mean by clean install? I also read that in terms of flashing Android ROMs, it simply means factory reseting the device, but I am posting this question just to make sure that I am flashing the ROM correctly. I assume that I follow the first time install instructions similar to the ones found here: The only difference being, the nightly is the latest lollipop nightly and the Gapps are for lollipop. Like I said I am simply trying to make sure that I am flashing this ROM correctly.
If you are coming from any other rom, or PAC 4.4, you must factory reset. Then just flash the rom and GApps.
Ok. Thanks for the help.
I ran into an issue when I was trying to install the ROM, it gave me an error and then said "failed". So I factory reset again and reflashed the last KK nightly as well as KK Gapps. I don't know why it failed, the download of both the ROM and the Gapps went fine. Don't worry about my device, it is working ok so far, it booted into the final update ok. Any idea what might have gone wrong?
If you gave me any info at all I might be able to help...

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Any info in particular you would need? Like a recovery log? I am a guessing that I am going to need to try and reinstall the ROM again in order for the error to appear on the log.
Yes, or the entire error.

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