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Hello developers,
I am jamil from india, i love pac man rom, so i have ported pac man rom to my device, but its not perfect, i am not a developer or porter, i just followed a guide and ported successfully to my device. But headphones not working in my ported rom. So please developers provid us an official build of pac man rom.

It has qcom snapdragon 400 chipset.
8gb ROM, 2gb RAM, Arm v7 CPU.

There is very less development for our device. The device has same features like HTC Desire 816, and desire has an official build of pac-man rom. So give us some support
Thanks in advance.
90 views and no response?
Sorry but we don't do blind builds. We can't work on a device that we don't own.
Oh, Sad
So we have no chance to get this awesom ROM Sad
I Realy love pac-man ROM.... You know i am using it since the day when i ported it to my device, bcoz this is All in one Rom, and i dont want to use any other rom. If someone (developer) can port it for our device,we will realy appriciate their work. BTW thanks for reply....
Now we have a working pac_rom

If the lg bello gets PAC I would gladly contribute to your project

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