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No nightly or other from 20150128

I use your ROM since July or August 2014 and I think this is the best ;-). Since September or October, I regularly use nightly and unfortunately from the nightly-20150128, they are not running... Lately, there has been testing-20150216 (then it disappeared, leaving only the *md5sum ) but my smartphone has never started (boot image, black screen and boot image). So I went back on nightly-20150128...
This may be one which has already been given, but I have not found so I ask...
Why is there more nightly yet in "PAC Console" there are new PAC Changelogs every days ? Maybe because you are working exclusively on Lollipop...
Is it normal that the Rom testing is not available ?
How soon can we expect to have a Rom Lollipop modified by you ?

Thank you in advance and thank you for your work :-).

Ps : excuse my English, it is translated by Google (French)

Update 19.02.2015 : a new testing-20150219, i download and test -> thanks. A new repository in Devs "Nick0703"...
Update 20.02.2015 : testing-20150219, always bootloop... why ? In recovery TWRP, Factory reset, install ROM Testing, clean cache & wipe or factory reset again then always bootloop. Re-why ? Have you got any idea ? Oh, repository testing has disappeared... gloups.

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