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Sound volume problem GT-I9305 LTE
Good day guys
And thanks to PAC-ROM community for their fantastic work

I have had two problems with sound volumes since migrating to this ROM.

1. The music and the calls (on loud speaker only) volume sound a lot lower than the stock ROM; so much so that if there is smallest amount of noise around, I need to hold the handset to my ear.
This is in the face of normal ringing and earphone volumes.

2. The sounds of the recorded videos also are terribly distant except for sounds only centimeters away from the phone (like my own voice commenting on the video being recorded).

Below are the details of my device:

PAC version: 4.4.4.RC-1
Baseband : I9305XXUEND1
Kernel: 3.0.101-CM Boeffla-Kernel-CM11-2.4-beta7-20141027@HboHD#10

Any help would be appreciated.


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