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Can't find latest the latest ROM

In downloads section the latest is 20150113:

but in PAC-console it shows that the latest is 20150117.. I tried to download the zip via PAC-console but didn't work.

Where can I download the latest?
Incase you haven't heard, the OTA is currently broken. That's why you're seeing the none existing version of nightly. That's what I have heard anyway.

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I'm having the same issue, like Hawk said the OTA must be broken because the zip file can't be installed.

But why isn't the file then available in the Nightly folder on basket? Why is it only up until 01/13?
I'm also wondering about this for JFLTE too. When I go to the basketbuild page now, ALL the old releases were deleted (even RC1,2,3) and the latest build is 01-13-15.

Are there truly no more releases after this date? Or were they moved to somewhere else that I don't see?
We stopped nightlies for every device. We're focusing on Lollipop.
I notice all the custom rom developers that are focusing on developing the LL rom are all deleting all their kk nightly files, at least a large portion of them anyway. The only reason I can think of is that they need space on the server. I just feel like I'm left hanging with the kk rom. Even after more than a year of development, there are still bugs on the rom, and by calling the build nightly, I'm expecting an eventual finish stable version of the rom after so many nightly builds. I guess I should just be happy that somebody is willing to develop the custom rom for my device.

Using LG-E980 with Tapatalk

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