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2 Bugs on the Website

I was about to try the PAC-ROM on my Samsung S4 Active but it seems the MD5-Sums aren't correct. (Tested with the last two Nightlys - and

Second Problem:
To Report this issue I registered here but with my Firefox I can't see the Forums. It keeps forcing me to apply an subscription because I have installed the AdBlockEdge Popup-Blocker.
Don't get me wrong, as soon as this Message appeared in the first place I have deactivated the AdBlocker on the whole Site but this Forum doesn't care, it obviously want's me to apply an subscription or uninstal the Plugin while it Shows me all the Ads wich it says I am blocking.

I'm totaly ok with it when a Website want's me to deactivate the Popupblocker as Long as the Ads aren't to importunate, but I never let a Website decide wich Software I have installed on my Computer.
I have had to use the Internet Explorer to write this Post!

Can you please fix this?

Riff Raff
I'll look into that. It's not supposed to do that. Smile

Thanks for reporting!
OnePlus One bacon
HTC One m7
Samsung S3 LTE i9305
- ROM: PAC-man 4.4.4 RC-1

[Image: maintainer.png]
It is still the case, that it is not possible to use the forum on Firefox.
I only use Firefox on my laptop and desktop and I have had zero problems.
With Adblock Plus installed but disabled for the forum?
Yeah. I did the first time I tried to view the forum with it enabled but once I disabled it and restarted Firefox it's worked ever since
Well, at least I wanna give PAC-ROM another try since cyanogenmod isnt as good as expected.
But now I have still the Problem that I can't use the Forum with an installed but disabled Popup-Blocker (Adblock Edge).

Please fix that, I hate using the Internet Explorer!
Somehow.... works for me now oO
Angry Still the same Problem, I even see the Ads but the Forum blames me for my installed and disabled Ad-Blocker.
Pac-Rom want's Money so I can use the Firefox instead of the Internet Explorer. And there is still no Lollipop-Update for my device, so what should I pay for? Confused

I don't believe in a great future for this Project.

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