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Recent apps button stop working
Hi everyone!
Last week i install the pac_moto_msm8960-RC-3-20141103 and gapps-kk-20140606-signed on my motorola xt907 and since then, been playing and having fun customizing it….but since Monday, the “recent apps” button stop working…I deleted the button, change the position but nothing seems to work! Even when I use the Pie option doesn’t work!
I read that this could happen when having more than one launcher install, but I didn’t install a second one (or so I think…).
The last thing I did before this happened, was installing an icon pack…witch I uninstall to see if I could make it work…but didn’t work…
Any idea why this happen and how can I solve it??
Thanks for the help!!
Hello everyone!
Still struggling with this issue! Any idea?
I install a new launcher and then uninstall it! Run the ART in Dev option and still nothing! Wipe data cache…and nothing!
I’m open to suggestions…
Clean flash and try again?
(12-14-2014, 03:18 AM)Nick0703 Wrote: Clean flash and try again?

I was hopping i didn’t have to do that….guess I’ll flash it again.
I had this issue, too, after I played around with turning on and off OmniSwitch and the other Recent Apps thingy.

I just activated OmniSwitch on the two places and deactivated again and it works again.

Might be something to fix, if not already (was one or two nightly before, on my Nexus 5 hammerhead).

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