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D855 aid? Boot loop.. Any advice?

Yes I'm new to developing android. I followed the instructions and setup Ubuntu and a dev environment.

I setup a new device as instructed and the compile eventually works fine.

I've tried many different repositorys for the manifest but simply cant get past the boot loop.

Is anyone else working on the d855 and has it booting?

Looking for advice on how to get some sort of log file of the boot?
I read about logcat but it seems missing when I reboot and mount thr USB in recovery.

Ps. Using a mobile so sorry I'm not posting the changes I made.

Tried using sooti and cynogenmod repositorys, conurbations etc... As well as all cynogenmod and adding the kernel config files to the repo for d855.. Which again compiled... But boot loop?

I really am not sure I can live without this rom and will send the details device back..

im so happy, i tried some different things here and there,

Ill post some betas soon if i can remember my xda login, but first ill play with it.

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