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How do I install KK 4.4.4?
I have already installed 4.4.2.I downloaded the latest 4.4.4 but in the zip file there is the boot.img (and some other filders) but there is not any and do I replace 4.4.2 with 4.4.4?
The zip is the ROM which you have to flash in the custom recovery you installed (TWRP/CWM/ETC). GApps are not included you have to be find a separate zip for them and flash it afterwards.

[Image: dcd671a8c3662a309421b90a2a4a8e23.jpg]

If the zip you downloaded looks similar to this (what's directly after pac will be different depending on your phone model) that is the ROM zip that you have to flash. You can find a list of GApps to flash HERE just pick the one you desire and flash the zip after flashing the ROM.
So from 4.4.2 to 4.4.4 I flash only one .zip?

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