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T999L d2lte internet/service issue
On SIII T999L with T-Mobile:

Every nightly that i've tried since RC-1 from August 31st has no internet service unless i'm connected to wifi. Everything else seems to work fine. Calls and texting work fine but the phone says "no service" when on WiFi and "no internet connection" without WiFi, as if it's not able to use T-Mobile's data services.

I have been trying the new builds once per week since that 08-31 RC-1 build and it still has this same issue. I keep having to revert back to the old build every time. Is this a known bug? Any ideas?
Ok, I figured it out. Apparently this was a common issue after a certain build of the cyanogenmod kernel. I flashed myself some new modem firmware and it fixed the issue. Thanks for the wonderful rom guys!

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