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Nightlies Won't Flash
I have the Samsung Galaxy note 3 (hltecan)(n900w8), and am currently running a stable built of PAC man ROM. However, whenever I enter "PAC console," and check for nightly updates, it shows me the package to flash for hlte, which generally speaking works. So I downloaded the update (after I got a notification for it,) however whenever I try to flash it, it fails and says "This file is meant for hltexx, you have hltecan" or something like that.. The November 9th nightly actually worked I believe, except now every nightly since then won't flash.. Why's this happening?
No one...?
Same for me. Had to go to rc3 that worked
So you got it to work? Can you explain in some detail how, sorry I'm relatively new to custom Roms.. So you just flashed RC3 and then flashed nightlies or
Which recovery do you use and which version, I found the latter versions of twrp wouldn't let me flash the zips
I use twrp, but when I tried to flash cwm, my phone wouldn't boot into recover.. It'd start and then go into an endless boot loop
Which version? I'm using 2.7.1 I think version failed every time.
Think I'm using 2.8.01, but whenever I flash any other recovery I get a boot loop.. No clue why, any idea?
That's bizarre, how do you install them? Try using flashify that's the best and easiest I've found. It can download and flash twrp and cwm as wells as gapps etc
I've tried Rashr and from Odin, neither worked.. I'll try flashify tonight but they generally fail

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