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Battery Issue, Weird One
Okay, before I continue any further, this is not your typical battery issue with apps running down the phone, etc etc.  I just joined because this has kind of stumped me so I wanted to hear people's input.  Here goes...!

So my battery charge has been incredibly slow, if any at all.  I plug my Galaxy S3 in and it shows that it's charging but it'll stay at the same percent or take hours to even move a few percent.  At one point, it'll even drop while charging.  BUT...when I take out my battery and put that in another non-rooted S3, it shows that the battery has more than the percent I had in my rooted S3.

I have a bunch of stuff running against my apps like Droid Wall and Disable Service to turn off wakelocks and other unneeded services like NLPLocationService.  I've done a few cache wipes, but haven't done a system wipe yet.  I wanted to see if there is something I'm missing here before doing so.

Thanks in advance!

**UPDATE**  So my full charge sits at 46%.  If I turn off the phone and plug it into the charger, it'll charge until 100% but the moment I turn it on, it'll say 46%.  When I take a fully charged battery from another phone, it'll also be about ~46% as well.  I've also tried deleting the batterystats.bin file to see if I can wipe the cache,  but I don't think that really helps anything.

Anyone?  Sad
Bump...another update. I flashed my phone, fully wiped everything out and installed the latest RC-3 d2lte release for pac-man. I STILL have weird battery issues, as in I'll let the phone charge all night and eventually the percentage will stop going up and drop instead. It'll drop to 2% while charging, but when I remove, sometimes it'll randomly pop to 100% or even stay at 2%. The 2% literally stays like that for a few hours and then drops to 1%, which in turn stays like that for a few hours as well.

The battery meter is completely inaccurate and I was wondering if anyone had any known fix for this? Is it just my phone...? Or is the rom itself kind of buggy? As noted, if I take my battery and plug it into any other stock phone, the battery will show normal percentage.

Please help. Sad
Had some wrong battery percentage issues once and just let the phone run the battery dead turned back on and let run dead again then charged up and been normal since

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