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RC3 installed - nav/gps/location still broken
Installed RC3 on Sprint GSIV.  As previously reported going back thru RC1 and RC2, nav/gps/location functionality is no longer working correctly.  Still acting as if it's in least accurate, battery saving mode regardless of being in device-only gps mode or high accuracy gps+wireless.  Also, wondering if the polling interval on maps was increased as a possible battery-saving fix, but increased to a point where it rarely updates display.

I would submit a bug differently if I could, but the link posted for bug reporting is giving 403
Still happening for me. Only temporary fix is rebooting and starting GPS immediately. Really hoping for a fix soon.

Currently running:

If any of the recent nightlies fix this,I'll totally jump on it. I love this ROM and the outstanding battery life, my only issue is the GPS not working without a reboot.

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