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Battery drain and not charging
I'm having some serious trouble with this ROM. Battery drain issues and now my phone is off and won't charge. Excuse my ignorance I'm fairly new to flashing ROMs on this phone so I'm not sure on the appropriate steps to take.

Rooted my phone using Odin
Installed ClockworkMod
Installed the latest rom (RC 2) for my Samsung Galaxy S4 i950
Install GAPPS
I setup my accounts for Google, a Microsoft Exchange server, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.
A few days passed and I noticed that my phone was getting a bit hot
My phone started getting really hot near the camera lens on the back of the phone
The battery would rapidly drain 
Finally my phone would shutdown since it has not battery life 
Plugging it into a charge does nothing. The charger battery shows with 0% for a second before disappearing and not showing anything anymore

Any advice or help would be appreciated
The issue appears to be with email syncing. Push syncing causes the severe battery drain and heat. My battery not charging it something I'm exploring

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