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Can't find download link
Hi everyone, maybe I'm fool, blindfolded or something, but i can't find the download link for my phone, and when I do the search seems like the page does not exist, can somebody help me(?)
Thanks in advance.

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I believe whoever was building for your device left and there is no longer builds for your phone.
D: so bad anyway thanks for answer....
but, i want an answer from a developer cuz if they stopped development(and i dont think they did) they shouldn't have deleted the files, plus there's still it's place "samsung>> Galaxy grand duos" but there are no files, so i think it's a bug, someone pls help D:

Sent from my GT-I9082 using Tapatalk
A place where, on this forum? That isn't an indication they're developing for this phone honestly. There isn't even an official post from what I saw, the Galaxy Note II does have threads, though majorly outdated, it still has a link on the downloads page but it's development has stopped. You would see a link for your device here PAC-man builds if it was available so with that leading nowhere and searching Google for pacman and your phone giving a link to xda Galaxy Grand Duos i9082 Android Development > [ROM][OFFICIAL][KitKat 4.4.2][I9082] PAC-man beta VERSION [AOSP] which it says it's an official build and the developer is posting other builds I assumed development has stopped for you too.
so bad that it stopped (if that is what actually happened) but even worse that they deleted the place to download the latest build they developed to this phone

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