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Move to SD CARD
How can i allow my Pac ROM on my galaxy ace s5830 to install app´s on the sd card ( external memory)... my internal memory is full because i cant move any of google app´s, neither dropbox, whtasap... and many of the apps that i download from Google play, cant be placed on my sd card.
You can usually move apps to your sdcard via the apps section of system settings if the app allows that to happen.

Titanium Backup also has a function to move apps to your sdcard.

There are also a number of apps from the Play Store like apps2sd which can force an app to your sdcard although sometimes this can cause issues due to how and when the sdcard is mounted during boot.

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Ive tried all of those apps that you sad, but acctually i supposed that for being a Rom software placed by a Rooted system, moving apps to sd card, would be easy, but no, all most famous apps like facebook, whatsap, dropbox... etc are placed in the internal memory, and neither app2sd, titanium, Root explorer, could mov the file... Please if anyone knows how to do that with the Pac Rom.. tell me please... Thanks
Get I have a Verizon RAZR m (4.2.2 pacman 23.0), Samsung galaxy tab 2 (4.2.2 pacman 23.0), Sprint Samsung galaxy s3 (4.2.2 pacman 23.0), Sprint galaxy s4 stock rooted. I use a program on all of them called link2sd ( <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""> ... ?t=2142844</a><!-- m -->) it will allow the apps to be moved to the sdcard. If you have any question feel free to get ahold of me and I can help you out.<br /><br />*** Service disabled. Check access key in CleanTalk module options. Request number <a href="" target="_blank">8189c04bfa3a092956868df141eaa9da</a>. Automoderator ***
U can use a program link2sd until they incorporate the app2sd feature

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