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Why can't I register to google?
Hello every-body!

my phone is i9100 .
i have installed the latest nightly Pacrom, 20141011 .
install Was smooth Smile .

everything was Ok until i tried connecting to Google servers.
the phone needs this connection to sync all my contacts and other stuff.

it tells me that it cant find or connect(i don't remember) to Google servers and i should try later.

BUT! when i open the browser i can go to my gmail with no problem.
I just cant sync the phone to Google and don't know why Sad  .

I would have say that i can't connect to play store, but gmail isn't play store.
and with browser i can access gmail, but not sync the phone.

I'm sorry if I'm not clear, English isn't my primary language.

Thank you all who can Help me !!

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