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P.A.C True All In One ROM v22.2
[center][Image: pac_logo_header_transparent_800x200.png]


[Image: ZGQR7kSh.jpg]

After months of work, the long awaited PACman 4.2 rom is ready for public released. This is still work in progress WIP and there are many missing parts. Though the rom is rock stable for average users. We are working on it daily to fill the missing parts.
Now what is PACman? The idea was to remove the need for a hunt of rom and cure flasholicsm by providing everything xda has in rom development in a single bloat free rock stable rom. This is the FIRST rom of its kind with a hybrid framework consisting on cm10.1, AOKP and AOSPA. What makes PACman unique is this perfect blend of all of these. Be informed PACman is not a "git cherry-pick blahblah yeee i am a dev donatezzz me" rom. It took a LOT of work of thinking behind to merge the frameworks in the right order.

Hybrid Framework



AOSPA 3.15

Per App DPI

Per App Color

Pie Controls

Open Source Camera HAL


Hardware Key Control

Any Widget on lockscreen

CM Profiles

Lock Screen Shortcuts

Lock Screen ring target

Fresh compiled CM10.1 kernel

Init.d Support

Everything cant be listed here go check it out

A LOT more to come

Recommended Installation Procedure

Coming from another Custom ROM:
  • Wipe Data/Factory Reset (This does not affect your Internal/External storage)
  • Format /System (This does not affect your Internal/External storage)
  • Flash ROM
  • Flash Gapps
  • Wipe Cache
  • Wipe Dalvik Cache
  • Reboot[/list:u]

    Coming from Stock Samsung ROM:
    • Root Phone - Get CWM Recovery
    • Wipe Data/Factory Reset (This does not affect your Internal/External storage)
    • Format /System (This does not affect your Internal/External storage)
    • Flash ROM
    • Flash Gapps
    • Wipe Cache
    • Wipe Dalvik Cache
    • Reboot[/list:u]

      Updating from previous version:
      • Flash ROM
      • Flash Gapps
      • Wipe Cache
      • Wipe Dalvik Cache
      • Reboot[/list:u]

        Current Working Stable Build : V22.2
        Pacman Release Builds
        Pacman Nightly Builds

        Build 22.2
        Pac-In-Black Toggle
        Initial LDPI Support
        updated AOKP Sources to Milestone1
        Fixed: navbar rings 90° rotate in landscape
        Lockscreen Theming support
        New Battery Styles
        AOKP Ribbon
        Added missing MDPI battery icons
        Lockscreen SOD Fixed
        Settings layout redone
        Minimal bootanimation
        Updated/Added Translations
        Moar minor updates

        Build 22.1
        Changelog Feature [gs2usr]
        Fixed Quick Pulldown (Instant Tiles Pulldown) [gs2usr]
        Fixes on Settings & CleanUp [IvanBrazza & gs2usr]
        Added QuickSettingsModeTile [Nick0703]
        Updated PA sources to 3.15
        Resize text to fit on tile size adjusted [gs2usr]
        Choice to enable/disable CRT animation & at which orientation [kufikugel]
        Fixed PhabletUI NavBar in landscape [gs2usr]
        Brought sources inline with CM & PA sources [bluefa1con & szlkiev]
        Merged some performance patches from CM the actual commit list is long this is a list of things a user will notice [bluefa1con]

        Build 22
        Brought Tiles inline with cm ones
        Updated PIE Controls
        Fix System UI crash when changing recent app key
        Notification Shortcuts & WiFi display (SlimRoms)
        Brought some things inline with cm source
        New BootAnimation (for most devices updated)
        Various Device Updates
        Changelog Feature
        fixed Quick Pulldown (Instant Tiles Pulldown)
        fixed back button will collapse statusbar
        Toggle to disable Fullscrean Keyboard
        Pie and Volume Toggle
        Network Tile Updates
        latest PA and some CM Updates
        fixed FC's related to changing Navbar targets

        Build 20
        Based on Android 4.2.2
        Full AOKP integration
        Fix for pie
        Change pie trigger Area
        A lot of changes that cant be listed

        Build 19.9.1
        PA 3.00
        fixed status bar with colour
        added aokp navigation bar
        added hardware key custom action
        added clear all button in recent apps
        a lot of under the hood changes

        Initial Release

        [Image: mako_5iscid.png]

        Have You seen this long Customization section? you will be amazed
        [Image: Q8CQQOL-ffJsXXNXn9crlKdJBoogCUKpSh4AvXjL...ize_mode=2]

        Special Thanks to
        szl.kiev and Team
        Codeworkx & CyanogenMod Team
        Paranoid Android

        Show Support wear the PACman signature
        [Image: 9aEqkLp.png][/center]
Tnx 4 the coolest, best looking, awsome tweaked rom ever!!! PACMAN RULES!!! :eek:

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Am I the only one in here or what?

Verstuurd van mijn GT-I9100G met Tapatalk
Haha we use this forum mostly for our internal planning and managing

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I am on my S2 i9100G and where should I look specifically for my phone?
thanks y'all!
How I can change the color of the icon and battery percentage?
Where I can get themes for this amazing ROM?

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