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Question regarding Google voice number showing instead of actual number

I recently installed Pac Man ROM on my Verizon Razr Maxx Hd ( Rooted & KKBL Unlocked)
And im loving the ROM but ever since I installed it ive had a problem with people seeing my Google voice phone number instead of my actual version phone number when I texts them and I get double texts, like if I send hello to someone it will send it twice back to back and I also get two messages in return plus a copy sent to my Gmail account , And it show up to them as my Google number. I've searched every Google related app and their setting but I can't find anything to shut it off or change it to show my real number.

And is there anyway to make it so the drop down notification bar shows up on the notification side and not the quick tile setting side? I've looked in all the settings I could find and i can pretty much do everything but that lolz i just want to pull the bar down and see my texts and notifications and not have to toggle to switch sides to see them.

But thank you for your time and any help would be greatly appreciated. Oh and thank you to all the Devs for this great ROM, i absolutely love it and I have been a fan of Pac since my old phone Smile
This is something that you are able to change using the settings in your google voice app, set it to dial from your phone (not google voice) or to ask you each time.  This will resolve your issue Smile
[Image: sigpic6009730_1.gif]
Thank you for the reply, I really appreciate it Smile

I tried that just a little bit ago and it would still do, I tried changing it to only use my real number but it still didn't help and I even unclicked every thing and tried, i also tried uninstalling Google voice but that just made things worse hahaha

The only thing ive been able to really find out is, it's only my text messages and not any of my voice calls. I tried all the texting app and they all show up as my Google voice phone number to the recipient but the Verizon messaging app. So I'm just going to use it for now until I figure everything out, I love the ROM to much to switch Smile

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