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Feature Requests
any chance you are going to put in the hacked flash from over @ xda? its helpful to some that browse a little bit older pages Smile
Also support for xposed or add home screen rotation?
This isn't a feature request for the ROM itself, but for the PacMan website.
When shopping around for a ROM to try out on my phone, I see a ton of lists from various ROMs as to what is included in them, but very little beyond that. I mean, for example, what exactly is HALO, and why would I want it?

I'd love to see descriptions of what makes PacMan ROM better than the others and descriptions of what all these features are. As of yet, the only way I know to find out is to install the ROM & tinker with it for a few days.

I open the PAC settings and see "Active Display," but have no idea what that is.
I see "Appbar," but have no idea what that is.
I see "Buttons..."

You get the point.

I'm guessing that if you guys could have a little better explanations for us non-tech guys as to what PacMan offers, you'd have more users. Make it idiot-friendly! LOL!

So far, I'm liking PacMan infinitely more than I did Cyanogenmod. It's smoother and with more features - which is the opposite of most of what I've experienced in the past. Smoothness usually means fewer features.

Keep up the good work! I'll be supporting via PayPal as soon as the funds are transferred, and suggest all other users be equally supportive of good developers.

Not up to date fully, but it will get ya started:
OnePlus One bacon
HTC One m7
Samsung S3 LTE i9305
- ROM: PAC-man 4.4.4 RC-1

[Image: maintainer.png]
(01-04-2015, 04:25 PM)MaDc0w Wrote: Not up to date fully, but it will get ya started:

Thanks... that's pretty much what I was looking for!
Am on PAC weekly i9100p is PAC key guard available if not can I request or where do i find it not sure which 4.2/4.3 only thing missing others every perfect good ROM
-hability to mute an specific app
|-option to save your volume preferences for each(or some) app

-option to hide/disable root for an specific app

-turn off screen with and without block device, to save battery wile, for example, update an game

thank you
Connecting multiple A2DP Bluetooth devices at the same time and streaming the same audio to them would be a fine feature.
Also setting or even measuring the audio delay for each device would be very useful when streaming to devices like multiple portable speakers.

At the moment android is not able to connect multiple a2dp devices at the same time.
All of PA ROM's features... I thought the P in PAC stood for Paranoid Android anyway, yet 5.0 seems to have none.
And bringing Halo back would be great too.
PAC for Lg bello d331 pls, I beg you

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