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Feature Requests
how about some basic features like inifinte homescreen and appdrawer scrolls. also i can't remember where i've seen it but i'd like a feature where you can drag an app from homescreen and uninstall it directly. it's the little things.... Smile

btw, you guys keep nightly changelog for jfltexx builds anywhere?
Have you thought/ or can you add the Active Display that is on the moto x to PacMan. It is also working on the chameleonOS Rom here are the links if you want them.

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<!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""> ... ostcount=2</a><!-- m -->
Asafvm I think that uninstall from homescreen is already implemented. Probably not into your build yet though I'm using the sph-l710 build.
Hey I just want to start by saying thank you for making a great ROM and embracing community input, not everyone sees the benefits of that.

I would like to request a Stay Awake Toggle. I think it's an AOKP feature as it is in Dirty Unicorn ROM and Bajee's Root Box ROM (rip for the being) often I like having the option of keeping my display awake.
You have the slider before lockscreen implemented, but it doesn't come on until the lock timeout. Can you make it so that it goes on when the screen timesout (ie. after 60 sec) and then the pin lock will come on behind the slider unlock after the lock timeout (ie. 10 min). So the slider unlock would be on the whole time, but the pin unlock would come on behind, after the lock timeout time. This is done in TouchWiz and has been done in CM on previous versions I believe, maybe CM7. Thank you.

I know you work hard and I really appreciate your fantastic work. 

One thing... I am not FAN of KITKAT due to the missing FLASH in browsers (I dont like Dolphin), and I guess it will take a while before we have a full functional PACMAN in KITKAT.

My humble request is therefore:  

- Could you? make a 4.2.2 or 4.3 version of PACMAN for NOTE 3 as I REALLY like that rom on my NOTE 2 - or point to someone who can.. 

I will donate 20 euro as a thank you....



Oh yeah - I know I already posted in NOTE3 forum, but I dont think its maintained yet Wink

Would it be possible to get a screen record tile or as an option to add to reboot menu?
Hey there!
Did anyone of you ever use NamelessROM? Well, there's this awesome feature called "On-the-go mode" which activates the camera while using your phone as usual. I'm not good at explaining so please just watch the little video I attached. The feature is available from a quick settings tile or from an option at the powermenu and its transparency is adjustable.

Now, have fun watching this short showcase (45sec).

The last time, I saw this feature, it was on 07312014 version [On I9300].
If you were in a fire and I had water I would drink it.
Can you add watchon to Pac? In first release for jflte there were it.

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