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[ROM][OFFICIAL][KitKat 4.4.4][wx_na_wf] PAC-ROM 4.4.4.RC-2
[Image: Header_Glass.png]
PAC-ROM is built with our own tweaks and options, including picks and features from the best ROMs out there!
Why choose among ROMs, when you have All-in-One !!

[Image: Screenshots_Glass.png]
[Image: PAC_man_slider.gif]
[Image: Features_Glass.png]
[Image: Features.png]
[Image: Disclaimer_Glass.png]
* By flashing this, you automatically void your warranty!
* If your phone breaks, blows up or runs away from you, do not cry to us!
* Do not ask for ETAs!!
[Image: How_to_Install_Glass.png]
* Download the ROM and GApps
* Reboot to recovery
* Wipe data/factory reset
* Flash the ROM and then GApps
* Reboot your phone
* Enjoy
[Image: How_to_Update_Glass.png]
* Download the latest version
* Reboot to recovery
* Flash the ROM
* Wipe both dalvik cache and cache
* Reboot your phone
* Enjoy the latest version of PAC-ROM
[Image: Not_Working_Glass.png]

Quote:* Submit a bug report
* Submit a patch
[Image: Other_Info_Glass.png]

Quote:* None for now
[Image: Download_Glass.png]

Quote:* PAC-ROM Downloads
* GApps
[Image: Websites_Glass.png]

Quote:* PAC-ROM Sharing Policy
* PAC-ROM Site
* PAC-ROM Forum
* PAC-ROM Gerrit
* PAC-ROM Changelog
* PAC-ROM Jenkins
* PAC-ROM Bug Reports/Feature Requests
* PAC-ROM GitHub
* PAC-ROM Stats
* PAC-ROM Google+
* PAC-ROM Facebook
* PAC-ROM Twitter
* Want to become a device Maintainer for PAC-ROM?
* PAC-ROM Central - Questions and Features broken down and seen by all PAC Devs on XDA
[Image: Credits_Glass.png]

Quote:* PAC-ROM Team
* Cyanogen Team
* AOKP Team
* Paranoid Android
* SlimRoms
* RootBox
* Carbon ROM
* Vanir
* ChameleonOS
* Omnirom
* Paranoid SaberDroid
* Special thanks to all our Build Bot Providers (see Contributors list for all names)
* PAC Graphix Team - Graphics, logos and images (see Contributors list for all names)
* And of course, thank you for your love and support!
[Image: Support_Glass.png]

Help with server costs
[Image: donate.png]
Support us with these banners:
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