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Best modem for 19300 under 4.3-build1 release
Hello there, 
i m new on this forum. I m looking for the best signal with my i9300; I use the last release for my phone which is 1 pac version. 

I ve been trying lots of things and i ve downloaded lots of modems using perkas file. I m french so the code must be XX or XW. i ve been downloading and flashing several modem by recovery mode and trying to analyse results with spesstest and reseau signal info but it looks always similia : 
79dbm ping average 200ms 0.98 mbs download and 0.90 upload

I ve been trying changing rill with getrills but nothing was working and i had to to a hard reset and reinstal everything after that...

Is there a way to improve the signal under this rom pacman 4.3.1 build under my i9300 phone?

Thanks for any answer

Best regards
Hi. Am i the only one with i9300 phone who wants to improve the radio with this rom? Any ideas?
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