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Calibrate light sensor

I recently flashed pacman ROM rc1, and my light sensor seems very bad at detecting lower light. Basically in a room with light from outside, it says 0 lux. So the screen goes too dark. If I set it higher brightness at 0 lux then it is too bright at night.

I remember having this problem on an aosp rom in the past. I can't remember how/if I fixed it.

Is there a way to calibrate that sensor?

Thank you.
The only thing I think you can do is if you go to your brightness settings and click Adjust you can long press on the lux value and modify it.
If the light isn't hitting the front sensor directly though the value will be low.
[Image: 968cebad527963264be0c050f2e0ffe4.jpg]
What I've ended up doing is enable sunset sunrise and put it on very high. Not perfect but a lot better.

BkK, what you suggest won't help if on both scenarios ( at night, in darkness, or in a room with light from outside) the sensor says 0 lux. Thanks for replying.

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